The benefits of being a member of Geelong HOG


Geelong HOG is a family-oriented chapter whose members come from all walks of life and are passionate about owning and riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and socialising with like-minded people. We have a mix of organised rides every month, including short and long rides and some weekends away. Our chapter rides are organised by our dedicated team of road captains with an emphasis on safe riding and having fun. H.O.G. rallies are held throughout Australia at various times through the year and many of our members attend these to represent our chapter.

As a member, you are entitled to attend any of our rides or social activities.

  • A chapter ride on the third Sunday of every month (except December).
  • Weekends away,
  • State and National rallies,
  • Chapter parties,
  • Charity rides & events,
  • Ladies of Harley (LOH)

The Ladies of Harley aim is to encourage female members to pursue their dream of being a rider or a pillion within the world of Harley-Davidson. Geelong HOG understands the importance of promoting the ladies’ participation in our Chapter whilst creating a friendly social atmosphere. While an event is labelled LOH, it does not mean it’s for ladies only.

There is a monthly meeting held on the last Wednesday of every month (except December). These meetings are conducted on an informal basis, covering topics of general interest and discuss all things Harley. Most people get there around 6.30pm for dinner and a yarn before the meeting starts at 8.00pm

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